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    Give press easy access to the information they need. Build an awesome press page for you or your clients. It’s FREE and it takes five minutes.

    Why Totem?

    LET’S FACE IT. Most press pages are pretty bad, if they exist at all. They’re either a blunt list of coverage to-date, or a minefield of poorly-updated information. They don’t help any of us do our job better.

    Totem’s mission is to make sure that every website for every company in the world has an awesome press page. Press, analysts and influencers are your earliest audience, and your most important one. They should be treated as such. They deserve better.

    Totem is for anyone who needs an easy way to build and maintain a press page. Totem is beautiful, simple and always has the most up-to-date information about any company or organization.

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    • Stop procrastinating. Build a great press page right now.
    • Spend less time keeping your existing page up-to-date.
    • Cut out the middle-man. No designers or developers needed.

    Show the world you’re credible.



    • Write better pitches with easy access to collateral. No more attachments.
    • Showcase your work beautifully, and get back to getting results.
    • Add a new item to your services menu. Be more strategic.

    Get your clients more coverage.


    What People Are Saying

    “You’d be surprised how much time bloggers waste each day trying to find simple information about a company. Some startups put this information on their websites, some don’t. Many put nothing more than an email address. The resulting communication often ends up being a big time suck for both sides. Totem has the potential to streamline the vital process of discovery. More information structured in a better way can never hurt.”

    — MG Siegler

    Columnist for TechCrunch and general partner at CrunchFund

    “Every time I write about a company I have to spend precious time searching around the Internet for background information about them...Any company that makes that part of my job easy by putting all its info and media assets in one place, the way Totem does it, is a company I start out with a presumption of respect for.”

    — Marshall Kirkpatrick

    Senior writer at ReadWriteWeb and CEO of PlexusEngine

    “To tell your story to the world, you need to think about media access and content — making sure it¹s easy for the press to find out about your company and then giving them something interesting to dig into when they get there. Totem brings everything together in one place.”

    — Julie Crabill

    Founder & CEO, Inner Circle Labs


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    What You Get:

    • Unlimited beautiful press pages with all the features press are looking for
    • Ability to invite team members or clients to collaborate and contribute
    • Free hosting for your press page at your-company-name.totemapp.com/
    • Recent press widget to show off your coverage on any page on your site
    • Recent blog post and press release widget to keep readers informed
    • “As Featured In” scrolling widget for your homepage


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    • Custom URL
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    About Us

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    We spoke with over 100 reporters to learn what frustrated them about press pages and what types of information they needed most often for their stories. With that real-world feedback in-hand, we built Totem.

    Our users are businesspeople, typically with marketing communications duties, that work at or work for small and medium-sized businesses, including startups. They are typically creating a press page for the first time, or replacing a first effort. They love the idea of not having to go through a designer or developer to keep their press page fresh. And they know that Totem is built and laid out by experts who actually asked the press what they really care about.

    We have some big companies and agencies using Totem too. If you have multiple projects or manage multiple accounts, we think we solve some

    Slice_02 Slice_04 Slice_06 Slice_08 Slice_10 Slice_12 Slice_14 Slice_16 Slice_18

    recurring pain points, so that you can focus on what you do best. We can also be a compelling new menu item. We’ll be introducing more enterprise-grade functionality over time. If there are agency-centric features that you want to see in the product, just ask us.

    We at Jones-Dilworth, Inc. built the software with a team of superstar coders and designers in our backyard in Austin. We’re a marketing communications shop that brings early-stage technologies to market. And we love disruptive tech. Especially when it disrupts our own business. We started Totem because we were scratching our own itch. But we learned over time that more and more people needed easy, beautiful press pages.

    The vision has grown along the way. We’ll be peeling back more of the onion in 2015.

    Welcome to Totem, and thanks for joining us.