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Totem is the standard for treating press right. We help businesses make a great impression with their most important audience.


One thousand press pages and counting.

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Now including: zero setup and management.

We build your totem

We build your totem for you, in 48 hours or less.

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You delegate changes to your concierge 24/7.

What they need, how they need it

Press get what they need, how they need it.


These features make Totem number one.

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Press who follow you on Totem are notified via email when important content is added or updated.

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Responsive design keeps press happy on-the-go. Custom domains, skins, and plug-ins adapt to your unique look.

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Never send an email attachment again. Our image and resource handling are better than all the rest.



Totem is a paid product, with one simple pricing tier.

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“How To Get My Attention

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